Photoshop Lightroom 2 Adventure

Photoshop Lightroom 2 Adventure


This beautifully illustrated and eminently practical book offers a complete tour of Adobe Photoshop Lightroom X, the integrated digital photography workflow application that allows serious photographers to import, select, develop and showcase large volumes of digital images. Augmented by photos and case studies from a demanding road test in Tasmania, award-winning photographer Mikkel Aaland explains how Lightroom can improve the way you work.After watching - and often helping - Adobe create Lightroom entirely from the ground up, Aaland (author of Photoshop CS3 RAW) decided to try it out in the field. He organized a group of top-notch photographers for a trek to Tasmania, the exotic island south of mainland Australia, where the only studio was Lightroom on a laptop.In "Photoshop Lightroom Adventure X", Aaland uses hands-on knowledge from the trip to demonstrate how Lightroom can help you create the best possible image under any conditions.
This unique tutorial walks you step-by-step through Lightroom's: library module for uploading, sorting, tagging, ranking and adding keywords to your images; develop module with Adobe Camera RAW for complete non-destructive color and tonal adjustments; slideshow module, where you select and size images, and export the show to HTML, Flash, or PDF formats; print module, which includes several templates for printing contact sheets or full images; and, Web module, where you can create Flash or HTML web galleries.With many gorgeous examples shot in the exotic wilds of Tasmania, this book lets you see the results for yourself. Mikkel Aaland's trademark ability to teach complicated topics on digital imaging with straightforward, easy-to-follow text makes this book a valuable learning tool for anyone serious about digital photography.

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